Horticulture in Kenya is a major contributor to agricultural production and has evolved to be among the top four sectors that earn significant foreign exchange. The sector is rapidly growing and possesses great potential that needs to be fully exploited for increased output and quality ofhorticultural produce. The realization of this potential requires highly trained technical manpower with practical knowledge and skills in horticulture.


The three-year course leading to the Diploma in Horticulture is designed to produce graduates having broad practical knowledge and skills for the rapidly growing horticulturalindustry in Kenya. The practical-oriented training equips students for technical positions in research, extension, and commercial farms, associated service industries and self employment. Egerton University is suitable for horticultural training, because it is centrally located between Eldoret and Nairobi airports, and in the Rift Valley province that is uitable for production of horticultural crops.


At the end of the Diploma programme, students should be able to:

Perceive the importance of horticulture in the national economy with particular reference to the roles of vegetables, fruits, flowers and other ornamental plants in meeting the nutritional needs of the family, aesthetic gratification and foreign exchange earnings;

Use the acquired knowledge and practical skills to improve the production and post-harvest technology of horticultural crops and marketing of the produce;

Effectively communicate the acquired knowledge and skills to various individuals and groups interested in improving horticultural crop production;

Set up and manage a commercial horticultural enterprise involving the production and marketing of fruits, vegetables, cut-flowers and nursery stock plants in both outdoor and greenhouse environments;

Carryout meaningful scientific research on various facets of horticultural and other crop enterprises;

Promote environmental and food safety awareness by safe use of pesticides and employing production practices that minimize chemical residues, as well as soil erosion;

Utilize the acquired knowledge and skills in gainful self-employment.

Admission And Course Requirements

Applicants must satisfy the University minimum entry requirements for a University Diploma of Grade C in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE), or equivalent examinations and, in addition, offerpasses with at least a:

  • C in English/Kiswahili
  • C in Maths/Physics or in Agriculture
  • C+ in Biology or B- in Biological Sciences
  • C+ in Chemistry or B- in Physical Sciences

Admission may be granted to outstanding holders of a Certificate in agriculture, or fields related to agriculture from recognized Colleges, who will have passed with at least a credit or its equivalent.

Loading and Duration of Study

The Diploma in horticulture shall normally take three academic years, each with two semesters.

To graduate with the Diploma in horticulture, a studentwill be required to take and pass all the required courses scheduled which include the University common core courses approved by the Senate.

Course Coding

The courses are coded as follows:

The abbreviation HORT refers to Horticulture, The first digit (i.e. zero) in all the courses indicates the level of training (i.e. Diploma), The second digit (i.e. 1, 2, 3) represents the year of study, The third digit (i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) refers to the subject discipline/matter as follows:

  • 0 = Introductory Courses
  • 1 = General and Principle Courses
  • 2 = Basic Horticultural Courses
  • 3 = Vegetable Crops
  • 4 = Fruit Crops
  • 5 = Post-harvest Management
  • 6 = Ornamental Horticulture
  • 7 = Experimentation and Research Projects.

6.5 The fourth digit shows the series of courses in a particular field.


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