US Embassy Agriculture Counselor visits Egerton University

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We were privileged to be visited by the Agriculture Chancellor for Foreign Agricultural Services from the United States.

This is a very rare occasion because, out of the whole country, she had a keen interest of visiting only our project offices to have a look at our activities.

It could be vividly seen from her choice of words that she was deeply engrossed at our activities and the progress that we are making a step at a time.

From this, we cannot forget to say that we are on the right track, making the realization of our goals and objectives not so far from being reached.

She visited the Mushroom Spawn Production Unit, the Apiary and the Dairy Goats Improvement Centre.

She was out of words to know that in as much as we are in the third world countries category, soon the black cloud of food security in our country is going to be a gone case because, we no longer look at reinventing the wheel but rather identifying innovations using the existing technologies.

The fact that we carried home the annual Nairobi Agricultural show goats’ category championship, she is certain that our presence will be felt and impact international Trade fair. She even went to the extent of milking the dairy goats!!

We are certain that our efforts will be sustainable as well as offer inspiration to the future projects and science.

This visit by the Agriculture Chancellor of the United States is just a tip of the iceberg as we are awaiting for another visit from the United States Ambassador to Kenya soon.


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