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A Mug Of Beer, Wine & Dine In San Diego In

A Mug Of Beer, Wine & Dine In San Diego In

small wine barrelsIt is time again for celebrating the best of beer and wine in San Diego. If you have been to San Diego before, you must have checked its beaches, Balboa Park and other popular attractions. Now get ready to indulge yourself in San Diego's local crafted beer and fine wines. Two events are going to take place in the the city in November that are dedicated to wine lovers and beer lovers. There is San Diego Beer Week and the San Diego Bay Wine and Food Festival. Let's discuss about these crowd-pulling events in detail:

San Diego Beer Week
Not many people know but San Diego boasts of a flourishing brewing industry and there are more than 30 brew houses in the city. San Diego Beer Week is all about introducing people to the thriving and burgeoning San Diego's brewing culture and encouraging them to take up San Diego's local craft beer. San Diego Beer Week is a major crowd puller and it will be held from 4th November to 13th November, 2011. Organized by the San Diego Brewers Guild, this event is the perfect place to taste the finest of beer produced by the local breweries such as Mother Earth Brew Co., AleSmith and various other top breweries. Apart from enjoying your mug of beer, you can also look forward to lip-smacking food prepared by talented local chefs there as well as have a chat with some of the brewers and get to learn about the brewing culture and heritage of San Diego.

During this ten day beer festival, plenty of interesting events will take place throughout the San Diego County at various venues including the Lodge at Torrey Pines. You can expect non-stop entertainment and fun with beer dinners, brewery tours, gourmet beer and food-pairing event, rare bottle tastings, beer classes, cheese pairings and more. For all those who love have their food with a mug of beer, this is the event to be present at. Make sure you include this event in your itinerary if you planning a San Diego vacation in November.

San Diego Bay Wine and Food Festival
After beer, now it is time for some wine. As the name suggests, the San Diego Bay Wine and Food Festival is all about fine wines and great food. This hugely popular event will take place from 17th November to 21st November, 2011 at the Embarcadero Marina Park North. As more than 170 winemakers and 70 renowned chefs are taking part in the event, you can very well imagine the wide variety of wine and food you are going to get at the event. And wait, there is more.
Gourmet food producers, authors, some of the celebrity chefs and media personalities too will participate in the event. Looking at this impressive list of people who are going to be present at the event, you can guess how amazing the event is going to be. You can taste fine wines, enjoy mouth-watering food, attend cooking classes, have a chat with chefs, cookery book authors and winemakers. In short, have a blast with like-minded people who share your common love for wine and food.

Considering these two mega events attract a huge number of visitors, it makes sense to book your rooms in a good hotel in San Diego much in advance. If you really want to enjoy these events to the fullest, consider staying in a San Diego lodging which is centrally located and from where you can commute to Embarcadero Marina Park North, Lodge at Torrey Pines and other venues conveniently. This will save precious time and money and you can enjoy these events completely.

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