a) Diploma in Eco-tourism and Hospitality Management
b) Diploma in Dryland Resources Management
Bachelors Degrees:
a) B.Sc. in Environmental Science
b) B.Sc. in Geography
c) B.Sc. in Ecotourism and Hospitality management
d) Bachelor of Catering and Hotel Management
e) B. Sc. in Natural Resources Management
f)  B.Sc. in Integrated Forest Resources Management
g) B. Sc. in Wildlife Enterprise and Management
h) B.Sc. in Dryland Resources Management
Postgraduate Diplomas:
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental and Sustainable Development.
b) Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental and Social Sciences Research Methods

Masters Degrees:
a) M.Sc. in Environmental Science
b) M.Sc. in Environmental and Occupational Health
c) M.A./M.Sc. in Geography
d) M. A. in Urban Management
e) M.Sc. in Natural Resources Management
f) M.Sc. in Natural Resources and Peace
g) M.Sc. in Dryland Resources Management
Doctorate Degrees:
a) Ph.D. in Environmental Science
b) Ph.D. in Environmental and Occupational Health
c) Ph.D. in Geography
d) Ph.D. in Urban Management
e) Ph.D. in Natural Resources Management
f) Doctor of Philosophy in Natural Resources and Peace
g) Doctor of Philosophy in Dryland Resources Management