The research agenda is collaborative and is implemented in collaboration with a LIB Centre and a LIB Network.

iLINOVA | Innovation for the Livestock Industry
Strengthening Capacity for Participatory Management of Indigenous Livestock to Foster Agricultural Innovation in Eastern, Southern and Western Africa.

Our Objectives

The project is intended to strengthen capacity in STI in Eastern, Southern and Western Africa to foster agricultural innovation through interdisciplinary and participatory approaches (PA) and efficient MIL for enhanced competitiveness with a focus on poverty reduction, food and nutrition security, growth and socio-economic development.

To achieve this it is indispensable to have environmentally friendly production methods and develop improved IL technologies and validate them.

In addition, qualified staff and well laid policies to advance IL production are required to facilitate service delivery and agribusiness development.

An African-European collaborative network is needed to address the scientific and technological divide between the two continents.

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