SELECTION OF MALE CHICKEN During the initiation of the INCIP programme, the starting flock was sourced from different parts of the country to form base population. These birds were placed in a deep litter- caging system for breeding in order to produce the first generation within one year. Birds in the first generation have complete pedigree and growth performance records. Using this information, selection of the first generation has been carried out based on each individual’s records on growth performance. Birds with high growth rates from hatch to sexual maturity have been selected for use as parents of the 2nd generation. At the same time, genetic values of sires (cocks) from the base population have been estimated using growth performance records of their offspring. Sires of high genetic merit have been retained for further use while those of low genetic merit have been disposed off. The purpose of carrying out selection on both the starting population and the first generation is to ensure that future populations of birds in the research unit have a high genetic merit for growth performance.