Food Security Germplasm exploration, evaluation and conservation. Food diversification: Growing diverse types of crops suitable for various agro-ecological zones Evaluate the efficiency of crop/animal production systems for a vibrant market: Linking farmers to markets. Exploit ways for water harvesting and efficient utilization for agricultural production. Soil and water management strategies for sustainable crop production. Breeding, multiplication (production), and distribution of ideal seeds to consumers. Exploring alternative ways of controlling disease and pests in domestic animals. Exploiting biotechnology for food security. Environment and agriculture relationship Climate change studies: Develop a database on the relationship of agriculture and climate change status in Kenya. Mitigating climate change effects through innovative interventions in soil, crop (plant) and animal production studies. Exploring breeding strategies for animals that can produce efficiently in view of the current climate change. Livestock production intensification (Fish farming poultry and animal farming) and waste management. Anthropological (heavy metals, nutrient and water pollution) activities on agricultural products. Sustainable Agriculture Integrated nutrient management; Integrated pest/disease management studies for sustainable agriculture. Diversification of field resources for livestock production Post harvest Technology Value addition of agricultural products: Camel, goat and cattle milk, and meat; products and marketing Grain and horticultural crops (olericuture; floriculture and pomology; processing and marketing) Commercialization of small holder agriculture Promotion of collective production and marketing. Gender relations and their effects on agriculture. The Faculty of Agriculture has over the years won numerous research grants for the University and it further aims to excel in this through: Developing a Faculty research strategy and realizing it Engaging in an active research culture Recognizing and rewarding research excellence Strengthening technical capabilities by enticing high skilled human resources Intensifying innovation in priority sectors Enhancing research awareness and innovation